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A look at the most up-to-date developments in design and interiors - and how, with our attention to detail, we've implemented them throughout the Banda portfolio.

At Banda, one of the most important aspects of our work is keeping abreast of the trends in design and interiors. We pride ourselves on our team of well-informed consultants who collaborate with clients to deliver a finished property that exceeds expectation. Here we discuss the most interesting design developments in today’s industry, and demonstrate how we’ve implemented them throughout the Banda portfolio.

Large Scale Artwork

Replacing the culture of modular, gallery wall-type picture displays, single large-scale artworks and photographs have recently made a return to interiors. Best suited to open-plan, large spaces, this type of piece offers a much cleaner and more distinct way of characterising a space, and by using just one oversized artwork, the occupier better expresses his or her individuality. Working alongside Myerson Lambert art consultancy, we implemented this idea in the show flat at Parkgate House, our residential development in Battersea. The spacious, lateral apartment provides the perfect space to host large paintings, illustrations and photographs thanks to the abundance of natural light, and extensive sight lines throughout. For those who are unsure whether large scale pieces will suit their space, we recommend Rise Art’s fantastic rental service, which allows you to try artworks in situ for as much, or little, time as you desire.

Rise Art, 0845 527 1564;,,

Mix of Materials

The trend for mixing and layering materials has been steadily gathering speed as homeowners and designers look to get a more layered effect from their interior surfaces and fittings. For example, wood, brass and reclaimed steel and iron are all being contrasted with clean reflective surfaces, such as glass and aluminium, in order to create depth and intrigue.

The style suits renovation well, because it allows the building’s interior to maintain its heritage, via cornicing or molding, for example, whilst offering the chance to instill modern touches and finishes that bring it up to date. We recently commissioned Clement to craft a set of their iconic glass doors for a client’s kitchen; the contrast between the dark of the metal frames and the pallid hue of the Carrara marble made for an engaging interplay.

Clement, 01428 643 393;

 Statement Upholstery

In line with the mixed material concept, there is currently a huge desire for statement furniture. Thankfully, the days of the three-piece suite are fading, and as with the idea of stand out items of clothing in one’s wardrobe, people are investing in bold pieces of furniture that become the focus point of a room, and crafting the rest of the space to be more subdued. Another, less overt method of making a statement with upholstery is to introduce cushions or throws in a solid colour or coordinating patterns. Offering the same outcome, they will add depth and texture to existing furniture. We recently designed a custom banquette in mustard velvet, and then commissioned the Upholstery Workshop  for the build. It’s a great example of subverting the traditional idea of furnishings; transforming them from a tool of comfort to the star of a well-curated room.

The Upholstery Workshop, 3 Webbs Road, London, SW11 1XJ, 020 7738 1003;

Heritage flooring

Handcrafted timber flooring is an example of timeless design, improving any space with elegant yet practical aesthetic. However, we have recently seen a rise in the creation and implementation of particularly intricate flooring, in patterns such as chevron, herringbone and Versailles, as well as modern interpretations of each. Furthermore, designers are pushing the boundaries of the tradition by introducing colours and unusual, alternating timber types – concepts that work especially well on large floor plans, allowing the full scale of the design to be illustrated. In the past we have worked with Cheville, one of the UK’s leading parquet specialists, to create bespoke floors for our clients. For example, we recently added a bespoke timber floor to a property in Lancaster Gate, creating a characterful yet functional feature for the client.

Cheville Flooring, 285 New King’s Road, London, SW6 4RD, 020 7183 6352;

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