The new minimalism: Part 2

We introduce you to the Parisian interior design team of Gilles and Boissier.

The design studio of Gilles and Boissier are at once an unusual and enviable phenomenon. The husband and wife team have discovered the formula whereby they can operate in a personal and professional capacity. Their layered style is a practised balance of Patrick Gilles’ approach that combines strict masculine lines paired with a penchant for fine timbers, and Dorethee Boissier’s more feminine preference for soft colours and elegant simplicity.

This approach has been described by the duo themselves as, ‘ a ceaseless game of verbal and mental ping-pong that gives form to their ideas.’ Judging from their global reputation and with commissions that continue to grow in numbers and stature, their approach has proved successful.

Since 2004, they have been working on a combination of private homes, hotels and commercial projects and their interiors are admired on an international scale. Their current projects have them dividing their time between the Four Seasons hotel in Mexico, Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech and the first ever Baccarat Hotel in New York. Their latest project has been the much applauded Chess Hotel in Paris. A monochrome majesty in which they worked closely with the artist Cyprian Chabert, whose work permeates their striking yet refined interiors.

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