Part Two: Denmark’s Rising Stars

In our second instalment we present award winning Danish designer, Cecile Manz.

Born in 1972, Cecile Manz lives and works in Copenhagen. She formed her own studio in 1998 after completing her education at Helsinki’s University of Art and Design.

Taking a conceptual approach to her projects, Cecile considers all of her work as ‘fragments of an ongoing story’. As a result of this process, her studio often creates one off sculptural pieces and prototypes. Usually these form part of an ongoing project but have occasionally remained as experiments or ideas. 

With the majority of Celine’s designs inspired by the home, many of her commissions come via Denmark’s larger design houses. Currently her studio produce a selection of furniture, lamps and glassware for companies including B&O, Fritz Hansen and Homeward.

Notable Awards and Exhibitions:

3 years working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

Thorvold Binesgon Medal 2001

Finn Juhl Architecure Prize 2007

Kunstpreis Berlin 2008



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