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Update: Banda Property Journal

The property world can be a closed and secretive one. However, Banda thinks differently. We’re proud about the provenance behind the materials and crafts we use in our private commissions and developments, and we believe in celebrating the talents of those we work with, and the world we manoeuvre in.

We’ve therefore launched the Banda Property Journal, a weekly property and design edit compiled by our team, which is our slant on what’s hot and worth knowing about in interior design, architecture, and all that inspires and appeals to us, with news from Banda too. We’ll introduce you to the select few that we have the opportunity to work with through interviews and personal profiles on the architects, designers and the UK’s industry rising and established stars – all expert craftsmen in their respective fields.

It is our business to know the products and concepts that are driving the industry. Whether it is new technology or an emerging trend, we’ll provide our perspective on the market trends.

We’ll provide an insider’s view on the most influential events of the year, including the most exciting launches.

We carefully select the craftsmen according to each individual project, “just like an artist would choose his palette of materials,” says Rebecca Wakefield, project manager, Banda Property. We scour our milieu of designers, architects and specialist craftsmen for the best and most interesting stories. Look out for the glimpse we take on Stileman Lighting’s intriguing private world, our illustrator story on Japanese artist Yoco Nagamiya and his watercolours for our upcoming developments, and our take on marble trends and chevron chic, not to mention more on our upcoming developments in Battersea and beyond.

The Banda Journal