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Interior Trends from around the Globe

We take a look at some of the themes currently trending worldwide.

Alongside New York, Milan and Paris, London is undeniably one of the world’s most design driven cities. Arguably the most cosmopolitan of the three, our city is privileged to be a hotbed for many trends, while other countries can be more singular in their approach. 

In these comparatively smaller markets, trends are able to evolve quickly. Driven by local designers interpreting the style for their clients, the subsequent variations in techniques and execution allow the trend to adapt and change, taking on a unique personality. Nowhere is this more evident than in the current fashion for Scandinavian design. An evolution from the Bauhaus movement and fine tuned by design greats such as Hans Wenger, Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen. Today this theme is once again being reinterpreted to fit our modern lifestyle.

We widen our scope and break down the interior themes trending around the world:



Scandinavian design has risen to the forefront of design in the last decade. Famous for producing a plethora of design greats in the mid 20th century, a new wave of young talent are building and evolving upon this impressive legacy. Playing to a global market, institutions such as Copenhagen’s Noma (four time winner of “Best Restaurant in the World”) and fashion brands such as Acne and Cos have helped return the spotlight to this design hub.

Trend Breakdown:

Based on the principle that ‘form follows function’ Scandinavian design is characterised by it’s restrained appearance. Unadorned with superfluous decorations, the designs are often strikingly minimal with emphasis on high quality craftsmanship, the use of sustainable materials and their affordability.

Trending Areas: Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Australia

Banda Recommends: Katty SchiebeckFärg Blanche, Morten Jonas, Skandium



Sustainability has been trending for some time now. With a constant media feed informing society of its duty to become more environmentally aware, its influence is evident in almost every part of our daily lives. 

This philosophy for change has made waves in the interiors trade. Reacting to the public’s increasing awareness for the environment, designers and artisans are experimenting with ways to lower their carbon footprint. Impacting all subsections of the industry, from textiles to lighting, this trend has become a genuine tour-de-force that shows no signs of abating.

As well the ecological benefits, many of these innovations make sense from a financial perspective. Inventions such as Buster + Punch’s LED lightbulb (a world first) not only ticks all the boxes from a design perspective, but provides an astonishing 10,000 hours (or 5 years) of use.

Consumers are showing an increased interest in smaller businesses who pride themselves on their locally sourced materials or labour. An area largely overlooked by the mass market, these previously isolated specialist traders are witnessing an increased demand for their products. 

Trend Breakdown:

There are numerous approaches to successfully integrate this philosophy into the product’s design. Most commonly this appears via the manufacturing process. Companies are taking care to use materials that are not only sustainable and offer a reduced carbon footprint, but are recycled and/or non toxic.

 We are seeing a greater use of cork appearing in many area of the interiors market. Used from anywhere from flooring to product design, the diversity of this renewable material is being introduced in an incredibly diverse range of applications.

Trending Areas: Japan, Australia, USA, South Korea

Banda Recommends: AFSO, Native & Co, Menu



The industrial movement is the antithesis to the glamorous and decorative design approach that dictated most of the noughties. With most fashions directly related to current events, it came as no surprise that the universal tightening of belts following 2008’s banking crisis resulted in a rise in demand for simpler, heritage focused designs.

Trend Breakdown:

This theme is usually showcased via neutral tones and utilitarian pieces in timber or dulled/antiqued metal surfaces. It also increased demand for warehouse spaces. Many pieces replicate the elements found here, such as exposed beams and pipework alongside  feature antique light fittings and visible mechanism detailing.

Trending Areas: Italy, UK

Banda Recommends: Buster + Punch, Pettersen Hein, Rocket St. George, Restoration Hardware, Apparatus.



With the global focus firmly fixated on sustainability and the creation of  a new breed of user-friendly auction houses, the antiques business has never been healthier. 

Today’s consumers have greater access to new and antique products. We are now able to design homes as a truer reflection of our unique identities. 

Trend Breakdown:

Also known as ‘eclecticism’, this trend is entirely self focussed. The idea is to combine elements or particular styles from a range of differing provenances and time periods within a single project. The result is a harmonious balance of original pieces offering contrasts and contradictions that is entirely yours alone.

Trending Areas: UK, Italy, Mexico, France

Banda Recommends: Willer, Pamono, 1st Dibs, Talisman

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