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Lighting designer Christopher Boots

Since setting up in 2011, Christopher Boots is proving to be one of the most dynamic lighting designers around.

Now one of the biggest and most exciting names in the industry, Christopher Boots’ (born, Boutsinis) rise to the top has been made with in a series of significant moves made in swift succession.

Having graduated from the National School of Design (Prahran) in 2005 with a degree in Industrial Design, Boots accepted an offer to join visionary lighting designer, Geoffrey Mance in Victoria.

At that time, Mance’s Studio was one of the most revered within the profession. Boots began his training in the multi disciplined techniques necessary in designing and making lighting. Upon the untimely passing of Geoffrey in 2007, Boots purchased the practice. He remained with Mance Design until 2011, when he sold his interest and decided to embark upon creating his own vision.

Having established himself in a studio complex on the industrial West side of Melbourne, Boots launched his first collection later that year in November. Focussing on providing his projects with narratives stemming from his own extensive experiences, travels and research, his works have been influenced from such a diverse range of themes as: greek mythology (Prometheus collection), zoology (Phasmida collection) and botany (Orp collection). His Orp pendent (Oblique Rhombic Prism), was chosen for the permanent collection of the distinguished National Gallery of Victoria, founded in 1861.

Boot’s current collection is titled ‘Astrix.’ within this he sought to ‘explore the four geometric elements that assemble together to form a familiar geometric 3D Symbol.’ Using brass inlaid with LED, these pieces begin as simple shapes, gradually growing in complexity throughout the collection. All five pendants in the Astrix family are available to purchase and range in price from £1,025 to £3,832. Titled Unix, Triplex, Parallelogram and Asterix, they are available in polished brass, polished aluminium and anodised aluminium.

In 2014, Boots completed a collaboration with Hermes in New York, at their Madison Avenue locations. Titled ‘Metamorphosis’ and spanning 12 months, this project provided a bespoke installation designed to showcase Hermes across their seven holiday windows.

Moving from strength to strength, Christopher Boots collections have now found their way to London, Los Angeles and Chicago. Later last year, he successfully launched throughout South East Asia, opening concessions in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

’I am so happy with the way things are going,’ says Boots. ‘Creating these pieces is super satisfying, yet I’m aware that I have to pay attention to the business side too. That seems to be flourishing, so it allows me more freedom to create. One good turn deserves another.’

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