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design studio David Nicolas

Timeless pieces born from teamwork.

David Nicolas is a Beirut based design studio co-founded by David Raffoul and Nicholas Moussallem in 2011. A young and dynamic company, they first came to light when they were selected as one of the ‘breakout stars’ of the Milan design week 2014, after Exhibiting with Nilfur Gallery and The Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition.
This collection, titled: ‘Dualita’ was their expression of ‘conflict and duality.’ Comprised of metal tubes, satined copper details and upholstered with Alcantara textile, the finished pieces were rich with subtext. The duo have stated that ’at first sight it may come across to you as simple and discrete, however once you have a second look you will see the intricate and elegant details, and all the harmony they create.’

Their concept of conflict and duality only applied to this one collection; however their studio philosophy: ’born from teamwork,’ resonates throughout their work. Their creations are layered with many different influences that give the pieces their ‘character, story and unique personalities.’

Early last year the duo collaborated with Agresti, working alongside the luxury goods manufacturer to design a one-of-a-kind safe. Titled ‘Artichoke’ (a name chosen due to the layered structure of the vegetable evolved in order to protect its heart) the designers combined gold plated brass and walnut wood, framing the safe with calf leather from Agresti’s home city of Florence.

Their most recent project, LouLou/Hoda, has had huge success and formed the basis of their first solo show at Beirut’s esteemed Art Factum Gallery in December. This collection evaluated the concept of traditional Lebanese household – and sought to reinterpret this country’s multifaceted heritage in a contemporary form. 

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