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Buster + Punch

In today's market, innovation is key to success. We introduce you to Buster + Punch, a London based design studio that have re-invented the lightbulb.

Started in 2013 by London architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale; Buster + Punch are quickly establishing themselves as a major player in the product design and interiors industry.

Originally known for their industrially inspired lighting range, it is their eclectic range of high profile collaborations that has seen them appear in a host of publications such as GQ and Elle Decoration.

Ranging from a one-off motorbike with Boneshaker Choppers to creating the Rockstar drinks cabinet with Harrods; their most recent VS (as they like to title their collaborations) has seen them design the trophy for the 2014 Q Awards.

However, it is their most recent lighting project that may see this company become a household name. Having started two years prior, Massimo and his team have managed to produce the ‘world’s first designer LED bulb.’

Drawing inspiration from the Eddison’s original filament bulb, a teardrop shaped exterior houses their patented resin light pipe. Light flowing down these fins are able to diffuse through the sides of the bulb and down through the centre of the pipe where it is emitted as a spot light. This dual ability to produce ambient and focussed light is currently unique to the market.

Coming in a choice of three finishes (gold, smoked grey or bright crystal) the bulbs have been finished with a satin metallic sheen.


Lasts 7 times longer than traditional bulbs.
Bulb life of 5 years (10,000 hours).
E27 direct replacement for traditional bulbs.
1/20th of the energy of traditional bulbs.

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