At Banda our mission was always to build. Not a portfolio of prestigious properties, but a reputation for creating exceptional homes.

While every project is unique, the philosophy behind each is unwavering: at Banda we strive to craft environments which are both intrinsically beautiful and faultlessly functional. Life, front of mind.

This ethos spans all aspects of design and extends beyond to encompass every facet of a property’s story.

From helping you to find the perfect site until the day you turn the key in the door, Banda offers the comprehensive and completely bespoke services of property search, development, project management and interior design.


At Banda we work across multi-unit developments as well as private residential projects.

Each project is approached completely afresh, but there are constants that underpin everything we do: the absolute quality and provenance of the materials we use; the skill of the craftspeople we work with and the technical benchmark of everything we put our name to.

Property Search

The private client search team offers a discreet and efficient home buying service where every search is tailored to the exact needs of the client.

We use our extensive knowledge and network of contacts to source and secure some of London’s most desirable properties, many of them off-market.

In an increasingly complex market, we provide our clients with absolute peace of mind and a genuine competitive advantage. We create opportunities where others can’t, we undertake thorough due diligence, handle all the negotiations and secure the best possible terms for you.


A fine balance of intuitive design and meticulous planning ensures that our signature style is neither ephemeral nor imitative.  We believe, first and foremost, that houses should be homes and spaces should be built not only to be lived in, but to be loved.

Combining contemporaneity with timeless elegance, Banda interiors might seem like the finishing touch, when really, they capture the heart of the home.


Introducing the Kwanza Collection from Banda Design Studio.  A collection of striking marble pieces featuring bold geometry and audacious materiality.