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Behind the brand

Joseph Dirand

Over the past decade, Parisian interior designer, Joseph Dirand, has emerged as one of the titans of the interior design industry. Coveted by all and sundry, from Kanye West to Balenciaga, Dirand’s unique aesthetic has redefined Minimalism for the modern age.


Yoco Nagamiya

We love the distinctive watercolour images that we use on our website and have been working with artist Yoco Nagamiya for over 4 years. Based from her studio in Japan, Yoco shuns the limelight despite having a client list that includes some of the most famous brands in the world.

Banda Supports

Cricket Builds Hope

Banda has been supporting the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation since its inception in 2011 and as the project prepares for launch later this month, we look back at the journey and the techniques used to bring new hope to a nation.

Behind the brand


As Banda add the finishing touches to their Rosemoor Studios project in Chelsea, SW3, we talk to Haptic Architects about their vision for the project and what it feels like to be joint winner of the Norwegian 'architectural competition of the century'.