New York Apartment


For one returning client, Banda’s design team created a concept that would help visualise a new potential for their New York space. The brief was clear: an interior scheme that would speak as one with the view, where the space and the cityscape each accentuate and elevate the other, rather than jostling for supremacy.

The concept is polished and modern – in keeping with the interior architecture of the building – and features bold statement pieces in an unexpected mix of materials. A bespoke bathtub in striking Calacatta Viola marble looks out across the skyline. The large living room is zoned into three distinct yet freely flowing spaces: living, informal dining and a reading corner.

The master bedroom takes on a more masculine feel with a specially-commissioned suede upholstered headboard incorporated within an elegant grey marble surround. Ice blues and navy continue the theme, softened with the introduction of a burnt orange velvet chair, drawing the eye and inviting you into the room beyond.